Linnea Photography specializes in high quality architectural, interior, commercial and real estate photography in New York. Company owner/founder Maria Linnaea is a New York City-based professional photographer, working with architects, interior designers, real estate brokers, hotels, restaurants and other businesses to create beautiful images that convey the client’s design values, intentions and aesthetics.



Maria Linnaea’s career as a professional photographer is a story of coming full circle as her lifelong love for the camera eventually led her to follow her true passion. Initially coming to New York City in 1987, she began her design career by attending Parsons School of Design; afterward, she studied Interior Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology, finishing out her education at the City University of New York, where she studied Studio Art with an emphasis in Photography.

While jumping with both feet into a career as an interior designer, Maria’s love for photography always remained in the background. Eventually, she could not ignore her passion any longer, and she founded Linnaea Photography as a result. Her extensive design background has enabled Maria to make an effortless transition into professional architectural and interior photography, as well as offering high quality commercial and real estate photography services.

Now in her natural element, Maria combines a keen grasp of design concepts with a deep artistic sensibility to create visually stunning photographic images for her clients; her knowledge of lighting and her meticulous attention to detail make her images stand out from the rest.

Still living and working in New York, in her spare time Maria has also been working for several years on a fine art photography project to be unveiled at a later date.

At Linnea Photography, we believe in telling stories through visual artistry. With each project, we work to create a collective of beautiful images that successfully convey our client’s narrative. To obtain a free quote for your next architectural, interior, commercial or real estate photography project, contact Maria.

Maria Linnaea

Capturing Beautiful Images When Words Are Not Enough.